Lu's book of positive words

Many people collect things - stamps, coins, antiques... I collect words, those words that make us happy and stay inspired - the positive words.

I had the idea of collecting positive words while writing for Semplice social media channels. I had to write some copies introducing the portfolios we feature every week. The task turned out to be harder than I expected - as I wrote more, I noticed that I kept using the same words.

Then I realized a bigger problem - I don't use those beautiful words often enough! So I started this little project to collect the positive words I should 'say it more!'

This is an ongoing project as my "daily design challenge". It's called "Lu's book" because I hope to print all the words when I collected enough of them and hand-bind them into a real book! I wish to keep it in my pocket to remind myself - always stay positive!

Stay positive 🙂