May 1st Reboot 2016

Born in the year 2000,  May 1st Reboot is an international relaunch of websites and portfolios by designers, developers & makers around the world. Every year, on May 1st something magical happens. Thousands of designers relaunch or update their website at the same time. One global deadline for all of us, one we can stick to. May 1st Reboot is for the love of design, for the passion of play and commitment to our community.

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Our Semplice team had the pleasure to collaborate with NYC based agency Your Majesty to host this event in 2016. Through the project, I was involved in: the organisation of the event, concept design, website design and production, as well as digital campaign design. Big thanks to Tobias van Schneider who directed the project and helped me to execute my ideas.


Big thank you to everyone who participated in May 1st Reboot!