About Lu Yu (@lugotype)

Lu Yu is an Istanbul based designer. She mainly works on  screen design & branding. 

Ampersand Conference, UK, 2015 (Photo by the awesome Marc Thiele)

Lu likes to keep herself busy by working on different types of challenges. Besides screen design & branding, she writes, speaks, photographs, illustrates and constantly experiments new tasks. She is part of the Semplice team, and a jury member of Awwwards.

Besides working...

If she was not a designer, she wishes to be a sheep farmer.

She was born and raised in ?? , then moved to Melbourne, Australia; and now she is living in the beautiful historical city Istanbul, Turkey. Who knows where she will be next!

As hobbies, she loves snorkelling, karaoke and walking in the drizzling rain.

Lu has a cat, whom she adopted in a cold windy winter day from her way home. His name is 喵子. They talk to each other in Mandarin.

She uses ??? A LOT.

Like EVERY other Chinese, her favorite animal is alpaca, and her favorite food is hot-pot.

Wisdom she learnt from her parents:

If you have nothing to do, sleep.


Do it properly, or don’t do it at all.


Lu is curious by nature and enthusiastic about everything related to design. She is available for freelance. Interested in collaboration? Get in touch.

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